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Update Log v4.15

Sun Apr 12, 2020 8:16 pm

Server Update: v4.15 General Bug Fixes
Removed [/newb] added [/ask].
Baseball bats have been added to 24/7.
VIP: Switched to a monthly VIP system. Your DPS & redeemed rewards will not be affected when your status expires.
New VIP area for donators to redeem their DPS & hang out.[OOC]
[/bandage] will keep a player alive until the medics arrive. You can purchase bandages from any 24/7.
LEO Members have the option to stay on duty when they login
House Robberies: Use a lock pick to [/breakin] and use [/hsafe]
Houses: You can now buy advanced house locks to prevent breakins. [/buyhouselock] inside your house.
Trucker: Players can select a business to deliver to (only if the business needs a delivery)
Pizza job: Store upto 5 pizza's on your bike [/getpizza & /putpizza]
Forklift Driver: New job added. Move boxes ready for truckers to collect & deliver.
Faction Vaults: Money will be taken from these to cover the cost of weapons,vehicles & repairs.
Repair Points: Types: [faction/family/player]. You can donate to have one at your house.
Pay'n'Spray: Pizza stack [/enterpns] $1,000. High price to encourage mechanic use.
Material points removed: Random material containers added for families
Mechanic: Players must repair the body & engine seperatly.
Added: Electronics Store

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