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Illegal Faction Rules

Tue May 05, 2020 5:22 pm

Faction Rules Rules updated 13/06/2020
If you are some one who wants to lead a Illegal faction, make sure you go through all these rules before you post the thread. Also, make sure the members you hire are well aware of the rules as once they are affiliated with the faction whatever they do will portray the faction and any rulebreaks would bring a negative reputation for your faction.
Following are the faction rules that you need to follow along with the Server rules. In case of violating the rules, the faction will be punished from individual punishment to a strike being issued to whole of the faction depending on the severity of the rule break.
When creating a family application, your story must be 100% original and not copied from anywhere else. If we find your story is copied, we will deny the family straight away.

General Rules
  • You are supposed to act In-character at all the times. (Use of /f is strictly for OOC purpose)
  • You are supposed to portray the real life of whatever you choose for your RP. That means, if you're Roleplaying as a street gang banger you must not roam around in expensive cars for example: Infernuses, Turismo etc.
  • Wear skins that fit to your faction roleplay. You cannot have a white skin roleplaying with Afro-americans.
  • Develop your characters accordingly. Avoid any unrealistic form of Roleplay; for example: Being too strong that a beatup or bullet wont affect you.
  • Any kind of roleplay or faction that portrays terrorism or extremist views is strongly not allowed.
  • Materials can be obtained through containers that arrive on Occean Docks. You are supposed to Roleplay the stealing and in case of other families approaching and fighting, the same rules applies for the fight that are listed in point rules.

Point Rules
There are only four points (/points) In-game which can be claimed by official factions. The points are of drugs only.
  • Points are In-character (IC) so make sure you roleplay your every action.
  • You are allowed to use any gun that you can obtain in the point wars. It is advised to use guns that fit to your character, I dont want to see street gangsters using heavy guns like M4s.
  • You are allowed to (/claim) a point once in every 12 hours.
  • Usage of roofs is strictly not allowed. This is to give a fair advantage to all the parties involved. Any roofs no matter with a proper stairs access or not, they are forbidden to use in point wars.
  • No rushing. You're supposed to fight using proper covers as you would in real life. Instant rushing to kill is not allowed.
  • You must roleplay switching the guns in an active gun fight. Quick swapping between guns is punishable. Moreover, quick swap for a reload without RP is punishable aswell.
  • No healing is allowed during a active gunfight. However, you are allowed to use coke/pot inside point wars with a proper Roleplay.

Note: Make sure you keep looking through the rules on active basis as they can be changed anytime when deemed necessary. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding understanding any of these rules make sure to drop me a FORUM PM and have it discussed.

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